What is there to say? One cloudy day, a friend of mine talked me into buying World of Warcraft. So I did. I toyed around with it. I was such a big fan of Warcraft 3 though I made multiple characters based on different races and similar roles. Orc Warrior, Troll Hunter, Undead Warlock, Tauren Druid and Blood Elf Mage. I fell in love (in a mechanical way) with the mage and so Azarizotza was born! Pew Pew!

Another cloudier day came, and my then girlfriend (now wife) was sitting and cuddling me. I saw her playing something, which I cannot recall and said ‘You should check this game out!’ Too late did I tell her it was not quite a game…it’s a way of life. She with her extreme gaming skill, she leveled in a few hours what had taken me weeks to level went through characters like Arthas went through Stratholme (with help from me and a few other people and the Internet). Eventually, she took a liking to a Blood Elf Priest Named Xandaria. Everyone knows she’s healed my ‘ideas’ well enough…

"I don't know the meaning of 'In Trouble'"

Perhaps on the darkest day on the history of the planet, we convinced a determined, focused, aspiring Law Student to pick up World of Warcraft. Thrilled by the idea that she could be smiting evil in the name of justice (without a pricy law degree), she became a Paladin. Not just any Paladin. Solstia, a Protection Paladin, with a self-esteem issue…Lucky us…

Yes your reflection is LAUGHING AT YOU!

Through many adventures and many defeats, we realized that we’re almost like the Three Stooges of the World of Warcraft. Someone had to document our somewhat comical journey and I was the one who could NOT draw, so by the holy logic of Xandie and Sols, I was pressured into it. I picked up a pencil and a piece of paper and went at it.

As you can see less than stellar...or funny.

As you can see, less than stellar or…funny…

Eventually, Xandaria got me a tablet, which allowed drawing on the computer. This cleared up a lot of my drawing! But still, many drawings came out as just ideas that had no logical coherence.

I was getting the hang of it. I still am getting the hang of it. I hope to get the more the more hang of the more of it sooner than not soon after long from now or ago. And I hope you’ll all stick around for it.

As far as the artist goes, I am but a mere mortal. 24 years of age. I am happily married and aspire to be a teacher one day.

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