Little did Xandie know, that tambourine was a magical morphin’ tambourine… oh wait, different show. Really though, I don’t get why Xandie and Aza didn’t like the band costumes. They’ll be the most original band out there! Yup, it’s never ever been done before. And look at that band name! “Solstia and the Meow Meows”? GENIUS! I mean, what else could a girl ask for other than a cool, original band outfit and an awesome name to go with it? Hmm…

The Following is a list of more things girls, (or maybe just Solstia), can ask for:

1) A pony
2) A kitty
3) A…pony kitty?
4) Cool kitty band costumes (oh wait, scratch that off the list I guess…unless…)

6) Rumming up my wine, (This was actually tried….it is actually really good)….actually :P
7) Bubbles!…. My bubbles!
8 ) World Peace A shiny new blade… and maybe a new shield
9) A world full of puffy, round, pink hearts! (You thought that last comic was joking, well ha!)
10) a pterodactyl

That’s not asking a lot, right?… Right?

Anyways, in an attempt to practice concert goodbyes…


Stay tuned for Solstia and the Meow Meows tour dates!

Is it April Fools again?! My… how a year passes… Yes you were “April Fooled”. Josie and the Pussycats if you didn’t notice. Part of growing up, I read a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog comics. Little did I know when I started reading that they were done by Archie Comics. I read Archie a lot while I waited for the next “Sonic Comic”, but in boredom moved on to “Betty and Veronica”, then “Jughead’s Double Digest” and then digging into my parents’ stash of “Josie and the Pussycats”.

So there you have it. I promise you I don’t have anything planned for next year…………………….