So I got this little sister you see…well sister-in-law really, who has a wonderful imagination. She volunteered to do a guest comic because I’m not updating…to quote “keep the haters away”.

Anyway, she’s unbelievably imaginative, especially for a 13 year old. So much so, she helped me write a character she developed herself into my comic. I gave her a 15 minute briefing on the Warcraft Universe (she has never played Warcraft in any sense since I convinced her that fishing was fun, which happened 4 years ago, and she leveled my fishing…) and she took her character to a new level. I’m actually excited to introduce her.

On another note, my Sister-in-Law who shall be known as “Fye Alice” has been very helpful with my comic.

On a very different note, I’ve decided to tell my readers the truth. The truth is, I haven’t been updating because I’ve come down with a sickness, which I prefer to keep private, but causes my arms to shake. It’s been months and I’ve tried to pretend nothing is wrong, when I struggle to draw a single line. Don’t worry it’s curable, and I will be back updating weekly as soon as I can. I just can’t promise anything as I get treated. I hope you understand.

That being said, thank you Fye Alice, you’re a life saver.