OMG, so Aza came up with this AMAZING, drawing style! I was so excited I asked him to let me write the blog for this comic! I don’t know how Aza comes up with these new styles of drawing, but wow! The man is pure genius! Can’t get any more original than that! I think he captured our WoW characters perfectly! This is definitely a more accurate representation than before. You know what other web-comic artists who are competing with Aza for the millions of WoW web-comic reading fans out there? Watch. Out. Yeah, I said it! The innovation of this masterpiece of a comic is going to blow all of you out of the WoW web-comic waters. I know you’re all going to want to copy his new style, but really just don’t bother. You won’t be able to compete. Just kidding! (But really I’m not…)

I guess we really should find a name for it or something… anyone got any ideas?

EDIT #1: (Azarizotza) APRIL FOOLS!!!! Yes, I’m sure I got you all… I am a big fan of Genndy Tartakovsky…(Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Star Wars: Clone Wars) I always wanted to pay homage to his art. I actually HAVE been receiving emails about the dynamic of my comic not being dissimilar to The Powerpuff Girls. This gave me the perfect opportunity to (at least attempt) to fool you all and pay tribute to an artistic hero!

For those who missed it: The site looked like this on April, 1st. 2011.

For those who want it: I have prepared an iPhone/iPad-Friendly version of the last panel. Feel free to use it as your background. I have a desktop version too!

I’m sorry to report! My style isn’t changing! (Due mostly from fear of stylistic copyright)

EDIT #2: Yes, I did in fact draw a full version of Kil’Jaeden as Mojo Jojo!