A COMIC! On a Monday!?

WTF?! After a MONTH of mourning the end of Tales from the Crossroads, I finally got this comic up. I learned a lot. It was bitter work, but it was worth it!

I figure you can have it today instead of making you wait until Tuesday since…I’m weeks behind…

Now: The story…Did Aza finish Zerkest or is he still kicking? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But it’s clear that Aza has secured the way out of TMDM headquarters!

As far as life is going, I’ve found myself SWAMPED. Xandie and I are planning an actual wedding ceremony for our family and friends (though we are already married). I’ve been preoccupied with that.

So on my free time I ended up doing a guest comic for Coffinshaker instead of working on this one! (By the way, when you get to his site, hit the “First” link and read through his comics)

Until Next Time!