Since Aza seems to have technical difficulties making an update at the moment, I’ll be stepping in.

So what’s going on here? Well it seems we’ve finally come to Xandie’s “Test” after weeks of me begging Aza to “get to my character’s story arc”. I must say, it does appear he’s setting up quite the challenge. I only hope Xandie will be able to rise to it. This was originally designed to be a two parter, but lucky for you guys, Aza decided to put it as one so he could “speed up the storyline”. I don’t put much stock in this because the last time he said he was going to “finish this story arc in a few more comics” was around October and obviously, that hasn’t happened. I mean, this whole thing is turning out way more epic and awesome than originally planned so I’m cool with that, but Aza is already planning new arcs and comics that I would love to see him get to.

A note on Aflare, our awesome guildie and one BAMF, although he is portrayed as an incompetent healer this is quite far from reality. In what we lovingly call the real world, he is studying to be a doctor and in WoW, is a face shredding DPS and a slightly creepy, but very competent Disco-priest. The reason his character is so inaccurate is because you should be reading his voice like this guy, which is almost what he sounds like on Vent. Although he hasn’t been on recently (because he’s too busy being awesome), we’d like to take this time to give him a shout out and tell him we miss him.

On a final note, I’d like to call out my husband (yes I married this guy) for drunkenly/accidentally hitting on other comic peoples (I lurk on other peoples’ sites as well). Xandie’s wrath is nothing compared to mine. Watch yourself dear, or you may find all the knives I got you as a gift embedded in your intestinal tract and the cleaver your father gave you wedged in your skull. Love you!

Maybe I should ask Xandie what she uses to get blood out of her clothing…