YES! YES! I AM A GUY! I am male, XY Chromosomes, am a natural giver…..not receiver…..

THE POINT IS..people are still confused about this…. Let me make this clear..I made Azarizotza alongside many other characters, mostly which are male, I just so happened to like the mage the most….why her?

Yes, I suppose I could have simply made Aza a male character when convenient, as I had considered…but I realized that a man playing a strong female character is actually practically unheard of, without that character being of some sort of… “strong sexual desire”.

Telling you the truth, if I knew Aza in real life I’d probably hate who she was, intelligent but impulsive and reactive…everyone knows jumping to conclusions is just a recipe for disaster.

So yeah, I play a girl, so what, I don’t care, It just so happened to be the character that was most interesting…will I race and/or gender change…no because that would be disrespectful…

Disrespectful to all the gamer women out there who were forced to play a guy in The Legend of Zelda or…Doom…or Quake…or those other “Single Word Replies” which you can’t think of an an end to besides a guy saving the day and rescuing the dame in distress.