You’ll see here at Torment of the Week, Warlocks and Demons are extra squishy.

I bet you all wanted to see how Solstia’s being tested or…even who Xandie’s instructor is….but not all things are as linear as you’d expect…..

EDIT: The background stained glass window and terrace fence took about 10x longer than anything in the foreground. In my opinion, far too much work to be obscured, Originally, Zarillion was supposed to be drinking on the exclusive and private outdoor “roof deck” of The Czar Scallion with the aurora borealis in the sky in he back, so I drew a Dalaran themed fence.

Everything in Dalaran Floats….

I began to draw a tile pattern for the floor and was reminded of something from my high school geometry classes, if the pattern doesn’t have a an axis of symmetry, it won’t tile well, and as much as I wanted to just flip the Dalaran spire on itself, it created something that didn’t look like the Dalaran spires…

and is shaped like this….

So I made it a stained glass window, which made it more appropriate for the “brooding” mood anyway…

As far as Xandie and the shower, sorry guys, that’s all you’re gonna get. I know, I’m a jerk! :-P