My Wacom Tablet tip broke, so I had to order a new one…

I figured I’d get a comic done before the time came…I didn’t…I came close though. It should be up later this week.

Not being able to draw, I found “Ol’ Feeble”, a sketchbook in which I drew while I was on line for Star Trek last summer. I started looking through Ol’ Feeble and came across an old sketch of a comic idea that I liked. I figured you guys might wanna check it out while you wait.

I suppose at some point, I thought my art has improved tremendously. However, I think of the fact I was drawing this with a single pencil, holding the sketchbook in one hand and was in a “stop and go” movie line, and maybe it hasn’t…

The College of Stratholme came as one of those midnight ideas. The type of idea that can only come when you’ve just finished off the better part of a fifth of 151 and try to run Culling of Stratholme.

Then it becomes clear….”What if Arthas’ Culling was confused by new students to be Fraternity Hazing?!”

EDIT: Oh by the Way, I’m sorry to those of you who are expecting a specific comic this week…you know who you are…I had to push it back one more week, but it’s coming!