Officer McGrrrgl, where did you come from?

A while back when Xandie, Sols and I were leveling through Eversong Woods we had to kill a Murloc called “Mmmrrrggglll”. It was pretty straightforward.

Glowy Hands
I’m an electric man, I have electric hands…

The stoke of genius though came from the way Xandie was pronouncing his name…

(From this point forward every murloc name will be spelt phonetically…for clarity’s sake!)

Xandie: “Guys, we still have to kill ‘McGurgle’”
Azari: “You know his name is pronounced ‘Murrgle’, it’s not like he’s a Murloc cop on the edge…”
Xandie: “Damn it! It’s McGurgle!,”
Azari: “Officer McGurgle (spelled as ‘McGrrrgl’), A Murloc cop on the edge, the only thing that keeps him going is the hope to bring justice to the bastards that slaughtered his family”

And so one of the greatest ideas ever was born….Thank you Xandie!