It’s only fitting that I should be writing the blog this week since Aza has taken it upon himself to pummel my character repeatedly within an inch of her life. (He kind of owes me now! :P ) So the resto druid was inspired by our guildie Innervate when one 25-man many months ago Aza cracked the whole raid up with the idea of Inner as a mustache and sunglass wearing healing tree. If you don’t get the last part of the comic, you should watch CSI, or check this helpful page: CSI 4 Panel Comic. (Please notice the glasses over glasses thing in the second to last panel! :P )

P.S. For the record neither Solstia nor I are alcoholics… we just take certain tank enhancement potions that happen to make us…happy, yeah happy’s the right word… ( And yes I just referred to Solstia as a separate entity…so sue me! Oh wait…)

P.P.S. Remember kids, girl scout cookies may prove to be lethal if taken incorrectly. Please talk to your local warlock to see if cookies are right for you. ( We all know girl scouts and warlocks are one and the same!) Please eat responsibly!