Sooooo……Some of you guys… have noticed that Tesseract was not a real comic (at least not in YOUR plane of existence) and have been wondering when I you will get a nice update…..WELLL here’s the story….

Yes, I got busy…last week and I put an ol’ four dimensional standby up for you guys to enjoy, but it’s just not working. We need to see what’s gonna happen to Xandie, Aza and Sols already. I get that.

I started on a new comic…and Xandie came home. She had a “Bad Day” as mortals call it. She stabbed my drawing hand and said “You’re paying attention to ME NOW!”

Hence…the scar on my hand.

Okay that did happen, but it wasn’t Xandie stabbing me. She just announced she was having a bad day…and being the nice guy I am, I gave up on drawing…

What happened to my hand was the result of a pointless but ironically pointy screw on the bottom of an air conditioner I was installing. It ripped a nice chunk out. It’s not so much the wound as where the wound IS. Yes it’s just in the right spot to irritate the person drawing on a pad of paper. It just hurts alot when sweat/eraser parts/graphite/paper gets in there.

I’m trying guys, I love updating as much as you love reading. Just when I was getting into a nice “on time” update flow, things get in the way…I HOPE you don’t /ragequit my site.