Ahh…despite the somewhat crippling unnamed stomachitis, I manage to deliver. Yeah, I know…a day late.

This is the beginning of a beautiful chain of events.

Who is this “Zarillion” and what does he want? You’ll just have to wait and see!


Black Mark-Up is actually inspired by a visit to Darahir in the underbelly of Dalaran. I noticed that Xandie had been buying reagents from him but he didn’t seem to include the reputation discount. I had to be sure that I was not just drinking too much cough syrup, so I went and checked myself.

This guy sells a Rune of Teleportation for 10 silver. I pay 8 silver at Sisters Sorcerous.

I found myself asking what kind of black market sells a readily available item at a higher price than the legit business?

The answer?

I swear I’ll only rip you off a little bit!

Moving on, a few people have been asking about Azarizotza’s name. I can assure you that it is not the result of face-rolling the keyboard. It actually comes from Turkish. ‘Azar’=Fire, ‘Izotz’=Ice, and the ‘a’ is just for flair. The reason why her name is so long is probably a subconscious expression of how I feel about my own name. True, ‘Alexander’ is no where near as obscure, but sometimes I feel as if it’s a chore to say the whole thing and wish my name was just a little shorter.

Though you would probably have to ask Solstia and Xandie themselves about their name choices, I think it goes something like the following:

Solstia is obviously “of the Sun” and Xandaria is “because I like names with teh ‘X’es in them. Dey is cool!”

Thanks for waiting, I’ll try to work on the next one within the next few days. That is if the stomachitis doesn’t get me again.