Blizzard gave us a look at the Cataclysm class changes this week. Upon reading and analyzing the proposed changes, it occurs to me how much the World of Warcraft is an insane balancing task. Sure go ahead and talk what classes are OP and what classes are Beast Mastery, but that doesn’t change the fact that that it at least has some semblance of balance. It’s an incredible task.

I suppose it’s that reason these enchants aren’t in the game…..

As far as the art, some of you may have noticed that the characters look different from week to week. This is because I’m still finding my style. I’ve been drawing for only 9 months, and before that point, I was afraid of art. No, seriously afraid. I once ran screaming bloody horror up and down the halls of the Tate Modern Art Gallery. Fortunately for me, everyone thought I was an expressionist exhibit, so no one called security.

Now that I’m less afraid, I do as the great scientists do and experiment until I find something interesting I want to explore. Today I tried some shading effects I’ve never tried before. I also changed the format of my borders.

We also see that Xandie without her cowl (she is not bald, though her hair seems to conform to the shape her cowl) and Solstia wearing something other than plate armor, which is only somewhat unrealistic to wear to sleep as opposed to that tacky swashbuckler number.