Ah, the dangers of raiding with your significant other. Specifically when you and your significant other roll on most of the same gear. This is obviously based on a true story, except the part where I let them die, cause I’m waaaaaaay more professional than that. My advice to all you guys that raid with a special lady, roll a class/spec that won’t have you stealing all your significant other’s upgrades. Or be prepared for the consequences….

Sol’s and my April Fool’s comic was a rousing success among our friends (and you can see it in all its glory by hitting the “previous” button), but damn was it hard. Photoshop is an invention from hell and the Wacom tablet is a thing of dark magic. I had to resort to the more rudimentary technique of pencil and paper and scanning things. And then I made Aza put the text in. (Whip sounds) The whole process has given us a new appreciation for how much work goes into putting something together weekly. My hat off to you Aza. Although, I still can’t promise I won’t get mad at you when you keep me up doing a comic at 4 in the morning.

One last thing to mention, the iPad is out and as soon as someone rewrites the interface to look like a PADD I’m getting one so I can walk around and pretend to be from the future!