This is a coup ladies and gentlemen! Xandaria and I have reached a point of exasperation with Mr. Azarizotza, (yes, he’s a guy), and we are taking over Torment of the Week….FOR GOOD! That’s right, no longer will we have to whip and taunt Aza for updates! We will be providing you with the quality comics you are all accustomed to, (not to mention awesome blog updates ;) ). We wouldn’t be surprised if you guys end up liking our comics more than Aza’s since our drawing abilities and senses of humor are clearly superior to his. On behalf of Xandie and myself, your new writers/artists/ website managers, we present to you our latest comic, “Hijacked”! Frankly, we feel that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between two crazy, maniacal girls and their newfound Internet audience.

P.S. we’ll update more in one week than he did in the whole of Torment of the Week history! Just a bit of bonus information for all you eager readers out there!