It is finished. At the same time my guild downs the Lich King, I have finished the raid boss that was the Orc-a-nomics mini series.

Sylvanas seemed to make sure that it ended well. At least for the house Windrunner.

Thank you all for sitting and reading Orc-a-nomics. I hope you all had as much fun reading it as I had draw…ing……

Moving on. In the words of Alexstraza the Life-Binder, tomorrow will bring new challenges, and Tuesday will bring more comics.

Edit: Zerkest studiously pointed out that I spelled Vereesa’s name Vareesa. For this, he gets to be the babe/bro of the month on my calendar for the month of April. I would change it but it takes away from his discovery. Besides I don’t know if Blizzard even got it right to begin with.