Yes. It’s only half of what I had originally had planned for Orc-a-nomics 2, but I wanted to give you guys something this week. I royally screwed up my Adobe Illustrator. True, I do a part of my comics in Photoshop, but I do a big part in Illustrator.

When I try to do my comics in Photoshop alone, the following sequence of events occur:

1. Open Photoshop.
2. Start Free Hand Drawing
3. ???
4. This result

5. Absolutely no profit. (Note: This step is frequently if not always achieved by me regardless of the preceding sequence)

Anywhoo. Rhonin always struck me as the 1980′s “shark” type businessman. Does he have the solution to the economic woes? Perhaps. I know you haven’t seen much character establishment (besides Sylvanas responding to offense with Direct-Arrow Perforation Psychology) or had any questions answered, but I’m gonna take a book out of the page of Lost and use the ever procrasti-batory (yes I mixed two words, I’ll leave you to figure out what they were) excuse and say the answers are coming.