I present to you

The first part in a 5 part comic thingy. Yes it took me a while, but it’s kinda taxing to do a comic a week and manage to get 10 minutes of daylight every so often.

So it seems that the World of Warcraft is not without it’s intricate political and economical woes. In a world of heroes, dungeons and a dragon or two, the city leaders still have to convene to come to the extremely frightening reality that running four cities engaged in what must be at least a 600 front war is impossibly expensive. Can they figure it out? I hope so.

For the next couple of weeks, Aza, Xandie, Solstia, Ultimus, Cyndrei and all the other characters you know are taking a break. But don’t worry, they’ll be back along with many more characters.

Oh yeah, sorry I’m late. I must remember. Tuesday doesn’t last 3 days.