This is something I posted on regarding the recent Ensidia World First Saronite Bomb Exploit Dispute. I think I need to post it here so it’s set in stone. I’ll probably get some people who disagree with me and maybe lose some fans as people feel very strongly about this. I encourage intelligent discussion. I’m saying it now, I consider intelligent discussion anything with less than five “u suk”s in it.

Personally, I think they are in the wrong.

I report any and ALL glitches and exploits, beneficial or otherwise.

Whenever I’m tempted to use a glitch to my advantage, I simply consider the situation requires the same action I would take if our World First Algalon Loot Chest was bugged.

Had that happened to them, they couldn’t report it fast enough.

Yes, the first time you see the fight ever, you can get away with that, but at least 10/25 knew that’s not how the fight was supposed to be.

It was their responsibility to figure it out or ticket a GM. You could argue they were losing Valuable World First Time, but had they followed the proper protocol, they might be in Paragon’s Shoes as another guild who made their mistake was penalized.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the Saronite Bomb Exploit was performed accidentally, unless it’s part of the rogue’s DPS to throw them up in the air and off the edge. He may have discovered it accidentally, but I seriously don’t think it would have come to ban if it only happened 1 or 2 times.

This is especially poetic as Ensidia blew the whistle on Exodus’ World first Yogg-Zero. Don’t get me wrong, Exodus was horribly in the wrong for doing what they did and deserved what they got. But when you make a statement like “We would never down a boss in that way” you are expected to stick to that, no matter the circumstances.

The punishment distributed is exactly the same in both cases. I believe this is justified. Even if Ensidia didn’t know about the glitch coming in, again they knew that a mechanic they had experienced in 10 man was simply not functioning in an equal or even more difficult fashion, and chose to ignore it and let it work for them. Exodus may have known about the exploit explicitly and planned Yogg-Zero accordingly. But to me, it’s the same crime. It’s the difference between “I hate this guy, so 2 weeks from know when I know he’s alone, I’ll hit him with my car” and “I hate this guy, but I don’t think I’d kill him, but I’m here alone right now and I was just handed a knife so I’ll stab him” Both are premeditated murder and the story doesn’t change it.

Yes, you can always play the ignorance card and this is yet to be factually proven. So if they were TRUELY ignorant of what they were doing, (which I find it really hard to believe coming from a top tier raiding guild), my argument is somewhat invalid. If they are a righteous as they claimed to be during the Exodus fiasco, they’d pick up, even slightly, that something is wrong.

I’m not a economist, but if I’m gonna get into the stock market and something appears too good to be true, you bet I’m gonna re-examine my choices and upon re-examination, I’d probably, just from basic knowledge of the law, would get a sense of the rightness or wrongness of this prospect. If I acted on impulse and took it and it turned out to be horribly illegal, ignorance in any form is not going to save me in court.

You upheld the law once before, now you uphold it again.

You called down the thunder, now reap the whirlwind.

P.S. My guild wouldn’t allow levitate in TOGC25. Despite it being an exploit, they felt it encouraged bad raiding habits. Additionally, the first isn’t always the best. I don’t think anyone in the right mind would argue that the best and most functional lightbulb ever made was the first.