So, hi! I’m Xandaria:¬†Aza’s better half, sometimes editor, and full time healer. Aza wants to do a series of comics with a story arc, but needs more time to work on it. He also didn’t want to disappoint his fans so he asked me to come up with something to put up in the mean time. So I present to you: “D.I.Y.” or as I like to call it “Some Assembly Required. Please Consult Doctor Before Crafting.” What can I say, I like long titles. The artwork is obviously Aza’s (as mine is best left off the interwebs) and the writing and idea are mine.

I guess technically some of the credit should go to our guild as well, since the idea originally came as a joke from various guildies. Way back in ToC25 I was not feeling too well during one of our raids and became so ill that Aza had to take me to an ER (but I still totally rocked the healing meters). It was there I discovered that I had spent the better part of the night raiding with acute appendicitis. Talk about hardcore, right? Anyway, I had to have my appendix removed and many a joke was made about me being able to keep it in a jar. Somehow it also came up that the offhand frill I wanted from Twins still hadn’t dropped (It still hasn’t dropped.) and that I should make my appendix into my new offhand. Somehow out of all that came this comic.

So, thanks Aza for letting me be part of your website and thanks TMDM for a good idea.

Also, *steps up on soapbox* what is with the lack of offhands and low drop rates Blizz? *steps off soapbox*