To all who read this, especially the two out of seven of you who actually come here Tuesday looking for an update eagerly, I may not make the comic today. I KNOW I KNOW! It’s patch day! The Torment-iest Torment of the Week there is.

Rest assured, I am working hard on pumping it out today. You should know though, I’m working on something big. Yeah. something kinda 5 part big. I know, what could be bigger than Ultimus? Well, read back a statement, I never said it was bigger than Ultimus. I just said it was big.

In other news, if you want to pay a poor momentarily disabled artist a visit get to now.

I’m not just saying that because the comic I drew for her is on her site. I’m saying that because her site is the reason this site exists. I had doodlings and sketchings and vague ideas of humor, but it was her website that inspired me to try to live up to that. Here’s an instruction: click the comics link and read away, you won’t regret it, especially the ones involving King Varian Douchebag Wrynn. I was about to mention one specifically, but I realized I liked them both too much. You’ll have to read them all to know what I’m talking about!

But seriously, I’m in a hallowed state right now. Yeah, that might be too much, but Cadistra mentioning me on the website is…is…well, I can’t think of an adjective for it, but I’m sure one of you can find something that means “pure-aza’s-not-worthy-ness”. It’s like when I walked into Ulduar for the first time…or like the first time Ultimus invited me to a raid without incessant harrassing…except I feel far more unworthy. I guess it’s more like the time I walked into St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican and slapped Pope Benedict during mass. Yeah that’s more of the unworthy flow I’m going for, minus the disrespect.

Alright guys, enough excuses. I’m gonna try to take a nap type thing and get you guys something to read, though by the time I’m done, you’ll all be farmin’ Frostwing Halls.