Okay so the Council of Me (Which consists solely of me according to the 2010 Web comic Census which has yet been compiled or completed. Source: Q.Q. Moore, Pawn Age Times 2009 AD) has decided that I will update Uni-Tuesdayily. Before I get violent objections from the absolute nobody that reads this, might I remind you the real Torment of the Week occurs on Tuesday for us WoW players. It’s only right that Tuesday be the day of my ToTW.

Also I’ve had time to read through npccomic.com. I laughed so hard I think I almost had a panic attack. GO THERE IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY. Her comics are so true to my life it makes me feel normal. The humor is spot on, at least for me. Could do with the fact that I am in the same 5 mile radius and humor tends to be better understood in closer subcultures (source: U.R. Muttah. Faced Magazine. 3048 AD [YES I HAVE A TIME MACHINE])

Anyway, Tah Tah for now Nobody!