So I’m off school for the last couple of weeks. (I loathe classes. Not in the “Ugh, I hate responsibility and I like eating Cheez-Its all day” but more of the “I’ve outgrown this and I want the rest of my life to start.” But, enough Livejournalness for now.)

I have been drinking just about every day this week. Parties, leftovers from new years, resolutions, Xandie’s parents dropping cases of the stuff on me, Solstia turning 21 and now out to a bar for that. The durability of my liver is probably like 6/100 or something.

Eh but I always have two.

Needless to say this is the inspiration for “Die Responsibly”. I’m not exactly sure if Aza’s coming out without any damage. I’m sure blood elves have a liver of some sort. Caraway Burwine will get you f**ked up!

I’m off for now, I’m being rushed out the door for more drinking…..forgive a drunk post if it happens as I don’t apologize and I don’t retract. I’m not a journalist, I tell it like it is.