Of course if the immediate solution seems logical, it’s going always turn out to be the best.

This comic was actually thought up by me and my college friend before Wrath of the Lich King came out. It was a very funny moment when we realized that two floating bastions were moving to Northrend. It went something like “Imagine if they met each other on the way over….they’d be like ‘WTF FIRE FIRE’”

In other news my comic was mentioned on wow.com for a third time on Amanda Miller’s weekly segment Sunday Morning Funnies. This continues to be a source of continuing inspiration as I spent the past reading from that list of comics, somewhat sappily idolizing them all. Thanks wow.com.

In other other other news from the depths of the darkest shadows on the blackest night on the dark side of the moon, TMDM is choo-choo-chugging along ICC25. We didn’t quite get Festergut down but we killed Stinky!